The best way to do it is to do it.

I wonder what Amelia Earhart felt like in her first solo flight. I can see her buckling her boots, almost forgetting her goggles as she rushed to the runway, smiling big for the cameras, and then giddily belting out her favorite tune over the sounds of the roaring propeller once she was finally soaring high.

At least, that's what it would look like if it were me. (And with my recent paradigm shift on past lives, I'm inspired at the idea.)

I just completed my first week as a solo artist. Flying a clunky but beautiful machine into no-woman's-land. And it's been fantastic. The work is beautiful, the schedule is far more responsible (more on that to come), and I'm more present in my own life than I've probably ever been.

I'll be using this space to discuss this. I'll talk about inspiration, process, work (the stuff that thrills and the stuff that pays the bills), and anything I'm really loving along the way. I'm hoping to branch out into some side projects along the way, so I'll post WIP's (and probably some WTF's) here as well.

Hope to see you back soon. Godspeed.

"Haters gonna hate." -Amelia Earhart [paraphrased]

"Haters gonna hate." -Amelia Earhart [paraphrased]

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