A Very Fresh (Prince) Valentine's Day

Life is hectic. Always, but particularly right now. And I almost dropped the Valentine's Day ball in a big way. But one of the many benefits of being a professional artist is to be able to pull out your skills (and your supplies) to make magic happen on a short budget and timeline — particularly gifts you forgot to get. (What a great wife, eh?)

Something you need to know about my husband is that if he loves a thing, HE LOVES THAT THING. And there are few things he loves more than The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  Yes, that Fresh Prince of Bel Air. So, I went with my gut and made some Fresh Prince themed Valentines. (My gut also said said, "Buy chocolate." So I did that, too. Also, my gut says that to me every day.)

Here they are! In all their lovely 90s-tastic glory, full of quotes and references only the true 90s/FPOBA-phile will truly appreciate. (So if you need a refresher, click the links inside the captions to watch a video.) Happy Valentine's Day!


If there is an ultimate Fresh Prince meme, it's this one.


Will's pickup lines are one of the highlights of the show. And this might be the best one.


Taken from the classic theme song, this one has a bit of a V-Day twist there at the end.


Happy Valentine's Day! I hope yours was stupid!

Amanda CochranComment