Side Project: Wrestling Posters (Part 1)

In agency/startup/freelance life, there's not a whole lot of extra time or excess energy to devote to many things outside the business. However, for the last eight years, and most passionately in the last five, I have followed, supported, and wholeheartedly loved professional wrestling.

Without giving you a full case study on how WWE is one of the greatest examples of an international brand creating long-lasting, engaging multimedia content for over half a decade, know I am a devout fan of WWE wrestling, and find within its stable of Superstars many characters, athletes, and heroes worth celebrating.

And that's what this ongoing side project is about: celebrating the storytellers and characters that, many times, get me from day to day and week to week. Judge not, lest ye have been to a Pay-Per-View. I say, "life changing" with a non-ironic grin.

Oh and by the way, expect a full case study on WWE soon enough. It's that good. Don't believe me? Then tune in for @StephMcMahon's Cannes talk this year.

And check out these posters I've created. More on the way, just couldn't wait to share.