Aflac: Everwell Animated Series


Introducing: Aflac Everwell


Aflac is the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States, and the brand faces a unique challenge in its product library. That challenge is to prove its products are valuable and valid in an industry that shrouds the fine details in secrecy and jargon. When Aflac came to my team looking for a series of videos to shed light on the ease and essential nature of supplemental insurance for the emerging millennial audience, we delivered a library of assets that provide an educational and engaging experience via animated shorts.

This library of videos is primarily used for sales enablement, but is also used for mid-funnel audiences to learn more about the new sales processes and product offerings Aflac provides as a differentiator in the industry.


Aflac Everwell Gig Economy

This animated video introduces the Aflac independent salesforce to the gig economy. This emerging target demographic consists of contingent workers and freelancers, who don't have access to traditional insurance benefits. That's where Aflac comes in.

Click here to view the full video via Vimeo.


Aflac Everwell Advantage Phone Enrollment

Second in the series, this video explains how connecting with contingent workers, people constantly on the go, and other hard-to-close leads is now easier with Everwell Advantage Phone Enrollment.

Click here to view the full video via Vimeo.


Aflac Everwell Agent Assisted Direct

Finally, this third video speaks to the evolving relationship between insurance providers, insurance brokers, and insurance customers. Traditionally, supplemental insurance was always made available solely through brokers selling to employers. However, with Aflac Everwell Agent Assisted Direct, prospects can become Aflac customers more easily, and Aflac agents can directly enroll friends, family, and close contacts.

Click here to view the full video via Vimeo.


Creative Direction: Amanda Cochran
Illustration: Amanda Schrembeck
Animation: Mitchell Hardage
Copywriting: Amy Anderson