The Power of One

Pardot, B2B marketing automation by Salesforce, bridges the divide between marketing and sales. With an intuitive interface and proven results, it allows even the smallest of marketing teams create big results in any sales-oriented environment. In 2014, Pardot embarked on a new brand journey, finding a new voice and visual style to fit its refreshingly innovative platform and smart, scrappy marketing audience.

Previous to the brand refresh, Pardot marketing assets revolved mostly around usability manuals and best practices guides in the form of whitepaper-style e-books. To further engage new audiences and make the marketing information just as intuitive as the program, I proposed a new brand look and feel that reflected the approachable, customer-first essence of the product, with subtle nods to the overarching Salesforce parent brand.

Understanding the Buyer's Journey Animated Infographic, 2014. See live version here.

Understanding the Buyer's Journey Animated Infographic, 2014. See live version here.

The conversation of conversion

During this brand evolution, I also proposed new media and publishing formats to further engage our audience. I introduced data visualization to represent the statistics behind the product's success, re-designed the traditional e-book to include interactivity through worksheets and video integration, and paired with a fantastic developer to create interactive and animated landing pages to colorfully illustrate the best and most effective benefits of Pardot. Experiences like "How Many Hats Do You Wear?" and "Understanding the Buyer's Journey" present an exciting and engaging opportunity for Pardot's customers, leads, and digital audience to re-introduce themselves to the mechanics of marketing automation, and to Pardot as the field's most relatable expert.

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