Pardot: The Power of One


Pardot: The Power of One

Pardot is a B2B Marketing Automation Tool offered within the Salesforce library. When I began my work with Pardot, the acquisition to Salesforce had just begun, so Pardot was still its own, individual brand. As I onboarded with their extremely talented group of B2B marketers, we embarked on a journey to differentiate Pardot within the Salesforce library as the scrappy, innovative product brand it wanted to be.

Pardot’s product effortlessly unites marketing and sales, keeping sales metrics close at hand for marketers, and marketing campaigns concise and primarily sales-driven. Much of Pardot’s content prior to my joining the team was very sales-enablement focused, leveraging mostly technical walkthroughs and best practices manuals that were frequently updated to stay in touch with evolving technology. The first content piece I executed with the Pardot team is called “Understanding the Buyer’s Journey,” an animated infographic that explains to marketers where the sweet spot lies in the journey from research to “add to cart.” This was the brand’s first foray (of many) into educational and engaging content through the use of animated or interactive infographics.

Understanding the Buyer's Journey Animated Infographic, 2014. See live version  here .

Understanding the Buyer's Journey Animated Infographic, 2014. See live version here.


Being that Pardot’s main marketing focus was sales enablement and technical support for users, much of our team’s content was heavily educational. Therefore, I began to move the brand’s look and feel into a more engaging and lighthearted tone, creating custom illustration and leaning heavily on highly animated development techniques with our team’s developer to ensure these educational experiences were still entertaining. One of my favorite pieces my team and I created is “How Many Hats Do You Wear? an interactive pop-up book for the proverbial “team of one.”


Other work completed under the Pardot brand includes traditional infographics and many multi-page case studies, white papers, and user manuals that were all circulated via Pardot-managed drip campaigns.

As an example, the "SMB Toolkit" is part e-book, part workbook, intended to be sent to Pardot users and prospects who own and operate small-to-medium-sized businesses. It is full of information about how to start and maintain effective marketing campaigns with Pardot marketing automation.

Simultaneously, this e-book highlights common problems for SMB marketers, which gave the Pardot sales team a better vocabulary and more empathy to better connect with their SMB customers. Our content team always aimed to create marketing and educational materials that simultaneously empowered our sales team and Pardot's end users.


The Brand Shift

Halfway through my time at Pardot, Salesforce became more vocal in the content voice for Pardot, again posing the challenge to shift the brand to a new visual tone.

View the longform infographics to the left to see the difference between Pardot's visual style prior to and just after the brand changeover. The carousel below will show other pieces of Salesforce-centric marketing collateral I created during my years with the Pardot team.



Sales and Marketing United Microsite, Pardot, 2015. See live version here.

Creative Direction and Design: Amanda Cochran
Copywriting: Molly Hoffmeister, Jenna Hanington
Development: Bill Reed