I'm actually a baby sloth in a small pair of footed pajamas.

I am Amanda Cochran, a Creative Director and Designer in Edgewood Atlanta, Georgia. My design work mixes high-end creative thinking with pristine technical expression. I love working with and learning from teams with diverse backgrounds and skill sets.

My work has been (kindly) described by colleagues as “on point, on brand, and ingeniously intuitive" with "a niche for kitsch." I have earned my confidence as a creative thinker by taking calculated risks and always remaining open to a better possibility.

I graduated from SCAD in 2010 with a BFA in graphic design and art history. Since then, I have designed a wide range of brand-oriented visual solutions for clients like Nike, Interface, Coca-Cola, Cisco Systems, NCR, The Atlanta Braves, Salesforce, Wells Fargo, and The PGA Tour.

My personal interests include Renaissance Anthropology, Brené Brown, musical theater, and professional wrestling. Yes, that kind of professional wrestling. I also have the softest, amber-eyed cat in the world, and her name is Yams.

Please download my résumé here. Head over to the contact page to get in touch. Let’s start something amazing.


Recommendations and Reviews

"I have known Amanda for years, and I have always been blown away by the quality of her work. She has repeatedly impressed me with her ability to create high quality creative work no matter the environment set before her. Amanda also possesses a directness that gets to the core of a projects needs so that time isn't wasted with vague guidelines that produce work the client doesn't want. She is about results, she is about having a positive experience, and she is about elevating the bar of professionalism and positivity in the creative world. "

JM Freeman, Client


"Amanda is what I like to call a beautiful mind. Her ability to grasp the strategic underpinnings of an assignment are stellar. Combine that with a fantastic eye for design and then top it with strong writing and you have the whole package. Her wit and wisdom are that of someone far senior. She is a marketing team's creative dream!"

L. Pulsifer, Creative Director


"Amanda Cochran is not just one of my favorite creatives, she is one of my favorite people. In her job, she is a wildly imaginative and artistic storyteller. As a person, she is a supportive, personable and reliable leader. One of my favorite things about Mandy is that she isn’t defined by her job title—she’s so much more than an (outstanding) designer. Mandy has an inspiring ability to elevate the work of everyone around her, from her clients to fellow designers to managers. Having worked as a project manager and producer with Mandy for 2 years, I can say first-hand that she sets the bar high. She then continuously and without fail, raises it time and time again."

L. Byers, Producer


"No matter what industry you work in, it’s definitely a rarity to straight up love your boss. In the often cut-throat world of advertising, you don’t always expect to find kindness, reassurance or even support from your manager. But you do when you work for Mandy Cochran. Why? Because Mandy isn’t just a leader. She’s a team player. Your best defense. Your cheerleader and your guardian angel. Mandy is the type of leader who sends you flowers when you’re sick, rather than pressuring you to get your butt back in the office. Since I began working under Mandy, I have been nothing but blown away by her level of leadership, creativity, resourcefulness and ingenuity. She is the kind of fearless leader who instills fearlessness in everyone around her—leading to amazing work backed by team players who are confident enough to push boundaries, learn from experiences and do the right thing. Mandy makes us all better employees, better team players and simply better people. No matter where you are in your career, you could learn a thing or two (scratch that—about ten thousand things) from this creative leader."

A. Anderson, Copywriter