Yogabed: Unbox Your Dreams


Yogabed: Unbox Your Dreams, Cleanuendo, and #TheOtherSixteen

Yogabed is a manufacturer in the disruptive bed-in-a-box space. Need a new bed? Click to buy on on their website, and in a few days it’s delivered to your door in a cardboard box.

Because there are many, many competitors to Yogabed in-market, each of these companies is looking for their unique voice. Some use hand-drawn illustration, some use shock tactics, and some rely on good, old-fashioned cool factor. So when Yogabed came to Dagger looking for a new brand campaign to make their grand entrance into this highly competitive market, we came back to them with three separate campaigns.

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Unbox Your Dreams

We all know that getting good sleep is crucial, and the right mattress can make all the difference. But what we may not realize is the unlimited potential that rests inside an unopened Yogabed box. Who could you be if you slept better? What could you accomplish if you got a full night's rest on a regular basis? What possibilities await this new, fully rested you? Well, the next step is yours to take — go ahead. Order one for yourself, bring it inside, and unbox your dreams.

The visual style for this campaign tells most of the story. By using surreal photography and the accompanying headline, "Unbox Your Dreams," we aimed to paint a beautiful portrait of the perfectly rested Yogabed customer. She is capable of peacefully resting while asleep and literally defying gravity while awake. As an introductory brand campaign, "Unbox Your Dreams" sets Yogabed apart from competitors, who make sleep seem easy and ubiquitous. With Yogabed, sleep is transformative, beautiful, and awe-inspiring. It's about harnessing the immense power of good sleep and watching (with closed eyes) anything and everything that might happen next.


"Cleanuendo" and Om

When talking about what happens in bed, the conversation doesn't necessarily end with sleep. But in our whistle-clean minds, it does. You may think we're talking in innuendo here, but we're just telling it like it is. Think of it as a clean innuendo — a "cleanuendo." In these graphics, we give a little bit of advice on how to improve your life, starting with what happens in bed. In an alternate treatment for this wordplay-based campaign, we introduced "om" as a mantra of our own. (If "home is where the heart is," surely "om" is, too.)



This campaign concept was targeted solely at Millenials. Young adults are infamous for not sleeping, blaming work or play for their bad bedtime habits. So we decided to encourage both. Get your eight hours, but make sure they count. And with Yogabed, they will. They'll be the best eight hours you've had in a long time. And what will you do with the other sixteen? Well, that's entirely up to you.

Creative Direction, Copywriting, and Design: Amanda Cochran