Aflac: Second Screen Experiences


Magic Match

Aflac is a powerhouse of traditional brand advertising. The Aflac duck has been quacking through my TV as long as I can remember, and he doesn’t show signs of stopping. In early 2015, my team was approached about extending a traditional Aflac television spot into an interactive experience to introduce the brand’s new One Day Pay program.

This TV ad would give name recognition to the One Day Pay program, but it required a little more explanation than the squawking duck could provide. So the challenge was set — introduce the One Day Pay program, explain how it works, generate demand for policies, and do it all within the theme of this traditional television ad — a magic trick gone totally wrong.


I began ideating on quick educational tactics that could marry well with magic and landed on the traditional memory card game.

The cards within the game featured small illustrations to represent the three steps of the One Day Pay program — process, approve, and pay — as well as three different types of policies eligible for the One Day Pay program.


This interactive experience works on the basic memory engine, but allows users to get a refresh on how to “play." The timer starts, and the users get as many matches as they can as quickly as they can.

Depending on their speed, the end-game screen awards each user a gold, silver, or bronze trophy, and they are offered a few different CTAs — play again, learn more, watch the tv ad, and get a quote. We saw such great engagement on this interactive ad unit, my team was immediately solicited for another upon the release of the new traditional ad.

Creative Direction and Design: Amanda Cochran
Development: Will Hankinson


Save the Duck

This new ad was boat themed, but the original ask remained — allow users to get an engaging and educational opportunity about Aflac’s available products and the new One Day Pay program. For this experience, we worked with the basic Whack-a-Mole engine, asking users to plug the holes that spring in the bottom of the boat, just as seen in the traditional ad.

We saw such great engagement with this ad unit, we were given primary hero carousel space on, as well as ad unit integration on platforms like Hulu, Twitter takeovers for CBS sports, Buzzfeed, and other outlets that re-directed to this second screen experience.


Creative Direction and Design: Amanda Cochran
Development: Will Hankinson