Cisco: #TomorrowStartsHere


Tomorrow Starts Here

The Internet of Everything is where people, process, and data meet. And in 2013, there was no hotter topic for Cisco Communications. The world was seeing a massive influx of internet connected technology — everything from washing machines to pacemakers — and Cisco was the voice of intelligent, safe, and cutting-edge connection.

During my two years working with Cisco, my client team had an insatiable appetite for data visuals and infographics. So, we delivered. We created educational and engaging mini graphics for social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, but Cisco also provided us with an exclusive hub for publishing our creative educational content via This content was also distributed frequently via email campaigns, blog posts, and tweets from #IoE thought leaders. The work below is a survey of pieces created between 2011 and 2013.



What's Your Data Footprint? Digital, Interactive Experience
Creative Direction, Design, and Copywriting: Amanda Cochran


Infographics: Cisco Connected World Technology Report (Version 1), A Drop of Water: Tomorrow Starts Here, Cisco Connected World Technology Report (Version 2)
Creative Direction and Design: Amanda Cochran


Cisco Data in Motion Digital Whitepaper
Creative Direction and Design: Amanda Cochran


Collection of Mini Infographics and Social Graphic Designs
Creative Direction and Design: Amanda Cochran