The American Cancer Society


What will your chances be?

The American Cancer Society uses its annual donation dollars in a myriad of ways, but its largest use of donations is for research. When asked to create content that both reinforces the importance and need for donations, my team and I began crafting a story around an ancestral link and hereditary tie to the importance of cancer research.

Instead of looking at survival rates across time on a line graph, what if that line became a familial thread? “Cancer survival rates in 1900 were less than 25 percent” is a powerful statement, but “Your great grandmother would only have a 25% chance of beating cancer” is a little more powerful and close to home. The video above illustrates the power of positive momentum in the battle against cancer, and no one is contributing to that momentum quite like ACS. The past is behind us, but we are still creating history. And future generations — what will their chances be?

Creative Director: Amanda Cochran
Art Director: Aimee Brinker
Animator: Adrian Schwarz